Türkçe İngilizce Rusça
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Dr Ömer Özkan

A combination of radiofrequency-vacuum and infra-red produces significant benefits in
• Size reduction
• Improving the esthetic appearance of cellulite
• Body sculpting
• Skin tightening
• Local blood flow
• Skin tissue
• Minor muscle aches
As a non-surgical alternative to “liposuction,” vacuum therapy bestows positive benefits on subcutaneous fat tissue and blood flow.
Thanks to the vacuum applied, lymphatic circulation and blood flow are increased and subcutaneous fat metabolism is accelerated.

Infra-red (IR) heats the tissue down to the subcutaneous layers, while RF warms down to subcutaneous tissue.
The heat emitted by IR and RF removes oxygen from oxyhemoglobin.

• It speeds up fat metabolism.
• As a result of fat cell break down, shrinkage is observed in the cells with the use of energy stored in fat cells.
• The massage applied means that fluids accumulated inside the cells can be more easily directed to the lymphatic vessels.
• And fat deposits in the hypodermis shrink.
Areas of Use:
• Legs/Hips • Abdominal region
• Upper arm
• Side of the waist
• Face and neck

An average of 8-10 sessions are advised.